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Commentary on DACA

By September 6, 2017 No Comments

Have you no shame Congressman Frelinghuysen?

To quote the modern father of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan, Congressman Frelinghuysen, “there you go again!”

Once again Frelinghuysen has backed Trump. This time regarding DACA, without understanding that Congress can improve on any existing law without destroying anything that came before it. In so doing Frelinghuysen has thrown uncertainty into the lives of countless individuals who have known no other country than the United States. There is no need for this.

There you go again Congressman Frelinghuysen, caring more about siding with Trump than listening to your constituents – even your Republican constituents.

There you go again Congressman Frelinghuysen, caring more about the preservation of your power than serving all the people of your district including those affected by Trump’s abolition is DACA.

There you go again Congressman Frelinghuysen, claiming to want to help while, but by your actions, playing politics with people’s lives and creating so much needless uncertainty to please your masters.

There is no excuse for what Trump did yesterday. And there is no excuse for backing him.

While I am a proud Republican, I am ashamed of you and others who so blatantly play with people’s lives when there are better, more reasonable, more moderate paths to take.