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Hewitt Begins Town Hall Conversation Series at Revolution, A Social Brew House

By January 11, 2018 No Comments

Republican Congressional Candidate emphasizes the need for resident input in federal decision making

MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ — Tuesday evening, Martin Hewitt hosted his first event in a series of “town hall” conversations with residents of the 11th Congressional District. A dozen residents met at Revolution, A Social Brew House in Morristown to share their thoughts on legislation and social issues with Hewitt, and each other.

Hewitt plans to host another town hall in Livingston in the near future. This move sets him apart from the twelve term incumbent Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, who has not held any sort of public meeting with his constituents in several years.

“Town Hall conversations are one of the oldest, most proven methods of engaging with neighbors and coming to agreements on issues. Whether a Town Hall conversation takes place at Town Hall or a bar, the important thing is getting residents together and having a civilized dialogue. As a resident of this district, I feel strongly that our representatives and prospective representatives owe us the decency of asking for our input on critical issues,” said Hewitt. “Too often, we only find out where Congressman Frelinghuysen stands on issues after votes have been cast. Frelinghuysen has consistently voted against the interests of the residents of his district, and I hope that by hosting my own town hall series, he too will begin to be more transparent with his constituents and once again show that he values our input.”

Hewitt, formerly of East Brunswick, recently signed a lease for an apartment in the heart of Morris Township, and began the move and change of address on January 1st. Hewitt’s grassroots campaign has thus far consisted of small contributions from supporters on both the left and the right of the political spectrum. Hewitt describes himself as “socially liberal, fiscally conservative.” More information about Hewitt and the 11th Congressional District can be found at