Asks Liberal Voters to Change to Unaffiliated, not Independent, so They Are Eligible to Vote in the June 5th Republican Primary –

MORRISTOWN, NJ — During last night’s six person panel discussion hosted by BlueWave NJ and NJ 11th for Change, Martin Hewitt, the only Republican on the stage, and Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen’s only Primary challenger, asked Democrats to change their party affiliation so he can win their vote. “I mistakenly asked the audience to consider changing to Independent rather than Unaffiliated. Unaffiliated voters are eligible to vote in either mainstream political party, whereas the Independent American Party is a far-right party that nominates its own candidates to political office. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.”

In his closing statements, Hewitt said: “The only way to get [Frelinghuysen] out efficiently and effectively is in the Primary. So what I ask of each of you is not to turn your backs on your party, but [consider changing] your affiliation to Independent approximately two months before June 5th.” To clarify, Hewitt added that the deadline to change parties is 55 days before an election, which would place the deadline for the June 5th Primary on April 11th. The League of Women Voters of New Jersey is one of the many civic minded groups that offers assistance to voters interested in changing parties, and can be reached at at 1-800-792-VOTE (8683).

“June 5th is my birthday, and I would love nothing more than 17,000 votes, the number I anticipate needing to defeat Frelinghuysen. I hope some come from formerly registered Democratic voters. My ideology may be attractive to some Democrats, and I implore those folks to change their political affiliation for this Primary,” said Hewitt. “I don’t pretend to be a hardline conservative, and on social issues I tend to find points of agreement with moderate people on both sides. I believe Rodney Frelinghuysen, and much of the Republican establishment today has lost its way, but I still identify with, and admire the party of Theodore Roosevelt, the party of true fiscal conservatism, the party of not telling citizens what they can or cannot do in their personal lives.”

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