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When a party refuses to condemn discrimination in any form, that party has failed.

By August 14, 2017 No Comments

Several weeks ago I switched parties to run for Congress as a Republican. I did so because I believe in the ideals upon which the party was founded back in the mid-1800’s. It seems that party no longer exists.

Where has the leadership been this weekend. Where has Rodney Frelinghuysen been this weekend? People have died this weekend at the hands of racist bigots and where is the condemnation from Trump, McConnell, and others? The silence has been deafening and defining.

I have been told by many people within the party that I have to stay away from certain subjects. I have been told to not anger Trump and the rest of the leadership if I stand a chance to win. I have been told not to say certain things and to definitely not discuss race.


This weekend was a turning point for our country. If we do not speak out against discrimination now then our country will be lost forever. Never before have we been at risk of losing everything for which we stand. And what do we hear from your leaders? Nothing. The people in power are not leaders, they are consummate followers. They calculate every move and develop strategy to obtain and retain power. They play to and follow their base. But what if their base is wrong?

There is truth and there is power. They are not the same thing. At this moment in our nation’s history they could not be more opposite. There is right and there is wrong. We must call out wrong and fight against it as we have during our entire history. There are sides that must be chosen. We will never lose our dignity and our country if we fight for what is right. The struggle ahead is the toughest one for this already great nation.

As for those who want “their country” back. Don’t be fooled. They don’t want their country back, they want to take over our country. The country that is the greatest melting pot the world has ever known. The country that welcomes all. If we need borders then they should be to hold out the hatred that is slowly taking over our values as surely as cancer spreads. Let us not deport and separate parents from children. Let us deport hatred in its myriad forms – be it foreign or homegrown.

Finally, those who have come to power by selling false hopes rather than running on principles must be voted out of office as soon possible. We must not despair, we must see the events of this past weekend as a call to action. Our country has never been at greater risk. I have no choice but to speak from my mind and from my heart and will never stop doing so. If the people of the 11th Congressional District want me as their next Congressman, I will be honored to serve them. If they would rather back the silence of Frelinghuysen, Trump, McConnell, and others, that is their choice as well.

Some will argue that mentioning politics is to cheapen all that I have written above, but this is no time to be shy. We must all be out there with our voices raised high and our faces turned towards the wind. We must never surrender in the fight against evil. There will be time to solve our other problems later, but at the moment, at this defining moment, we should all have one goal and that is to face down and fight against racism and all forms of discrimination at every opportunity.

And that Messrs. Frelinghuysen, Trump, and McConnell is what you should have said yesterday when you stood silent.